Mahalaya Cruise 2023
Commence on the most auspicious journey of Mahalaya Cruise to experience the quintessential inception of Durga Puja 2023. Catch the glorious sight of the famous Durga puja pandals in Kolkata, while leisurely sailing on the holy river Ganga.
At Puja Parikrama, we offer mesmerizing experience for kolkata Durga puja parikrama. Our Mahalaya Cruise offers an unforgettable experience, allowing you to behold the festive day in the dewy morning and the magnificent view of the puja pandals from the water. Lose yourself in the essence of puja atmosphere and feel the excitement brewing in you when we take you to see the riverside pandals. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the devotion of Mahalaya TARPAN at river banks, as we take special care to show you every little thing while you sip on the hot beverage. We are here to provide you with the entirety of Durga puja with our Mahalaya Cruise 2023, allowing you to see the famous puja days from a unique angle.
So, are you excited? Then you should not wait more? Contact us for Mahalaya Cruise Book now and create splendid memories for a lifetime.

Day of Service

14th OCT’ 2023
Time : 8:30 AM to 12:00 NOON
Route : Cruise starts in between Belur Math and Gwalior Ghat and return to Vivada Cruise Jetty and Millenium Park. 
Transportation: Only by river cruise
Name of the Vessel :
Special Facilities – Bar service is available only on extra payment. Recorded music/ Mahalaya Chant and Dhak. Occasionally we will show you Tarpan at various ghats.
Occassion Showing TARPAN at Different Ghats








Gwalior Ghat

And Chadpal Ghat

Package Cost for One Person – 1500/- 1300/-
Service Inclusion
Welcome Beverages- Mineral water, black coffer, tea, milk tea and coffee.
Breakfast- Fulko peas kachuri or luchi, cholar dal, lamba begun vaja, aloo phulkopir torkari, delicious poha with green chutney, three types of fresh cut fruits, Bengali sweet like Sandesh or Rasogulla, tea and coffee.
Snacks- Paneer pakora, vegetable cutlet with assorted soft drinks.
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