Surul Rajbari (Birbhum) Durga Puja Parikrama 2023
Welcome to the Surul Rajbari Birbhum Durga Puja Parikrama 2023!
Experience the grandeur and beauty of a famous bonedi bari durga puja outside Kolkata. Embark on this auspicious journey with Puja Parikrama and marvel at the architectural wonders, and rich cultural heritage and let the festive atmosphere fill your mind and heart. Surround yourself with the historical magnificence of the Rajbari with Durga Puja Parikrama 2023. 
Durga Puja celebrations at Surul Rajbari Birbhum is one of a kind, one that leaves everyone yearning for more and offers some best memories. Witness the exquisite and intricate details of the goddess idol, and experience the devotion and tradition of Surul Rajbari during Durga Puja. Engage with the community, and the residence of the Rajbari, and get to know more about its history.
Our expert guide will be there to offer insights into the Durga Puja Parikrama in Birbhum. You will know about architectural splendor, and witness how the Rajbari transforms into a grand palace with joyous cultural performances, illuminated pathways, and captivating decorations. 
Explore the interior and exterior of the Surul Rajbari, which offers a fusion of modern and ancient cultures. Behold the fascinating decoration, well-preserved antiques, and architecture of the Rajbari and its puja with only Birbhum Durga Puja Parikrama 2023.
The Durga Puja Parikrama 2023 in Birbhum is a treat for your eyes and your tastebuds as well. While doing Surul Rajbari Birbhum durga Puja Parikrama, you can try the delicacies of traditional dishes, immerse yourself in the story of the Rajbari, and engage with the community and Rajbari residents and local people. Also, we will take you to visit Sarkar Bari Pratima Darshan, while we are at Birbhum. 
Book your slot now before all seats are booked. Our Sonajhuri durga Puja Parikrama in Birbhum is there, and you can book it easily. Also, you have to book before if you are interested in Santiniketan durga Puja Parikrama. Puja Parikrama in Birbhum is very popular, and for that booking early will assure you to experience this auspicious journey with us.
Note- we always recommend you to book in advance, because we are selling the slots from now, and to get the perfect spot, you have to book as early as possible.

Day of Service

21th OCT’ 2023
Time : 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Pick-up Locations- Pick up points from any location in the city
Route Number 1- Esplanade at 8:15 AM, Rashbehai at 7:55 AM, Gariahat at 7:40 AM, Jadavpur at 7:30 AM, Garia at 7:20 AM, Tollygunge at 7:00 AM
Route Number 2- Airport at 7:35 AM, Birati at 7:25 AM, Madhyamgram at 7:10 AM, Barasat at 7:00 AM
Transportation: by AC Bus
Special Facilities – Breakfast, pre-lunch, lunch, evening snacks, quiz contest.
Pratima Darshan

Sonajhuri Durga Puja Near Santiniketan

Sarkar Bari Puja in Surul

Package Cost for One Person – 3500/- 3100/-
Service Inclusion
Breakfast- Aloor dum, luchi, bhujia and one bottle filter water.
Pre-Lunch– Fruit juice and cake.
Lunch- Fried Rice, rice, potol chingri, potol aloo, potato chips, dal, mixed veg, doi katla, chanar dalna, chicken kasaha, chatni, raj bhog, papad, Sandesh and ajwain.
Evening Snacks- Samosa.
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